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Print on demand apparel

Graphic designers who are eager to convert their creative output to useful merchandise love the idea of print on demand apparel. The Gatosk platform gives them a new, promising way to use their designs.

In today's business climate, graphic design plays a crucial role for companies of every size. Graphic designers are in high demand, and they get plenty of work to help them refine their skills. Not everything they create has to serve the purpose of building someone else's brand, though. In order to spread awareness of their work -- and earn a little extra money -- many designers use PoDA (Print on Demand Apparel) services to create merchandise. For independent designers, the process of creating their own merchandise relies heavily on the assistance of third-party services. One leading industry publication, Print On Demand Apparel Graphic Design, has recently taken a closer look at a new PoDA service called Gatosk.

Gatosk is a very open PoDA platform that's intended for use by distributors and designers alike. They handle a wide range of apparel and other profitable merchandise. Gatosk enables direct selling through the platform, allowing its users to market globally with a minimum upfront investment. The potential profitability of a Gatosk-based sales campaign is impressive.

PoDA Graphic Design previously reviewed TeeSpring, a similar platform, making it easy to draw comparisons between the two companies' offerings. Gatosk gets high marks, especially for its functional and intuitive interface. Gatosk makes it easy to manage a sales operation, and it has some features that its competitors simply don't offer. Without going so far as to deliver an absolute endorsement to the new platform, PoDA Graphic Design's review is positive enough to attract the interest of any designer looking for a new PoDA solution.

According to representatives of PoDA Graphic Design, Gatosk is going to have a significant impact on the overall marketplace in their industry. Gatosk's unique approach to workflow and merchandising is sure to appeal to a lot of designers, and the publication believes this easily justifies their in-depth review. Gatosk is as easy to use for absolute beginners as it is for experienced designers who have tried other PoDA platforms. It delivers more money-making opportunities, and it costs nothing to try out. Registration is absolutely free with Gatosk.

Source: Print On Demand Apparel Graphic Design

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